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Healing Journey

Healing Journey

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Sierra James painted this powerful Healing Journey piece on a 30 by 30-inch canvas. The artist has uniquely hand-poured this piece with crescendoing blue, turquoise gold, and white hues. Then she flipped it upside down and painted out various parts of the image and embellished others to create this very unique art piece.

Throughout her career, Sierra James has experimented intensively with various art forms - exploring different painting and collage techniques and adding to and embellishing her art to create distinctive, mixed-media works. 

The painting has Mount Rainer representing Sierra's foundation being from the Pacific Northwest, mesas for her time growing up in New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation, an Uma Lulik (traditional house) representing the 15 years she spent in Timor-Leste working on trauma healing, and where she also experienced the heavy trauma of violence, child protection work, gang member transformation, her house being destroyed, and her dog killed. And an infinity symbol as her magic weapon, a representation of the pain from losing her best friend to suicide, and the power that she gained fighting through that pain. Her left ovary is a messy area where the pour shows through which represents abuse, miscarriage, Sierra's troubled youth, as well as the pelvic dysfunction that has plagued her with chronic pain in recent years.
Sierra went to an amazing Zero to Three conference in late 2023 where she wrote and shared our trauma-healing journey, which helped to inspire her to want to paint this trauma- healing journey.
Sierra was also inspired by the Whatcom Reads challenge, asking artists in 2024 to paint their own personal journey as Sasha taqʷšəblu LaPointe does with words in her book 'Red Paint'.  A book review in summary says, "Sasha offers up an unblinking reckoning with personal traumas amplified by the collective historical traumas of colonialism and genocide that continue to haunt native peoples."
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